Management Services

One of the core principles of the CSMI approach is to free educators from the business and management functions of operating a school so they can focus their time and energy on teaching. 

Coupled with creative and resourceful education reforms, the separation of management and teaching has had a profound effect on student outcomes at an urban CSMI managed charter school– by changing lives in an underserved community and providing opportunities for kids that never existed before.

Below is a summary of the majority of critical management functions that CSMI undertakes working with School Administrators and their School Boards. Click an item below to learn more >

  • Accounting


    CSMI provides full back office accounting support for schools and educators.  By taking the burden of accounting tasks away from teachers and principals, they are freed to devote more time and resources to classroom instruction and student support.  CSMI supports in-house accounting staff with expertise built from years of experience in public school accounting.

  • Compliance


    CSMI coordinates the fulfillment of all state and federal reporting requirements to ensure accurate and timely submissions as well as work with school personnel to ensure accurate student accounting for reporting to the district and the state. CSMI ensures that the school calendar adheres to applicable laws and regulations and that its schools comply with special education laws and related services.

  • Event Coordination

    Event Coordination

    From the parent report card dinner, to award ceremonies, to the Santa Brigade, to the staff recruitment fair, CSMI coordinates all of the design, planning and logistics for all school-related events with school staff and the Parent Association as appropriate. CSMI establishes and coordinates procedures for extended school services such as Eagles Eye Mobile, Eagles Book Mobile and dental and physical exams when necessary. Additionally, all student recruitment events and marketing are coordinated through CSMI.

  • Facilities


    CSMI has extensive background in the construction and management of school facilities.  As of 2013, CSMI has overseen the construction of twelve school and administration buildings, with three more currently under construction.  CSMI believes that the comfort of safe surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities is key to enabling students to succeed.

  • Food Service

    Food Service

    CSMI provides management and oversight for the food services department, presently serving more than 140,000 meals per month, fully managed and coordinated with the food service vendor. This includes ordering food, inventory management, processing of meal application forms, meal service and tracking of free/reduced meals and monitoring all regulatory requirements for nutritional service to meet the needs of students.

  • Front Office

    Front Office

    CSMI provides management and oversight of front office operations including all clerical and administrative functions from child accounting, file maintenance, visitor reception, clerical support, to scheduling and maintenance requests. All mailroom and copying functions are also handled by CSMI thus freeing up more teacher time.

  • Grants


    CSMI maintains a seasoned Grants Team to support schools’ efforts to receive entitlement funding and competitive grants.  Many small and independent schools do not have the resources to pursue the many private and public grant opportunities that are available to them.  Furthermore, the compliance requirements of grants and entitlement funding require expertise gained only from years of experience in the field.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    CSMI oversees and manages all personnel functions including staff recruitment, clearances, licensing, health benefits, training and professional development. CSMI makes recommendations to the school regarding hiring, termination, discipline, compensation (including health benefit plans, 401K and other compensation programs) and drafting of policies, procedures and handbooks subject to approval by a school’s Board of Trustees.

  • Logistics


    Running a school involves managing an immense amount of planning and organization on multiple levels. CSMI staff handle space requirements, student/teacher ratios, allocation of support personnel and ordering of books, equipment, supplies, and furniture, capital improvements and maintenance as needed from year to year.

  • Technology


    CSMI provides across the board technology support for computers, copies, fax machines, video-monitoring systems smart boards, internet, email and phones. All purchasing and upgrading of technology is handled by CSMI including ensuring that all students in grades 3-8 have access to XO laptop computers.

  • Vendors


    CSMI uses its experience in vendor management to ensure that schools are receiving the high levels of efficiency in sourcing while also getting the best quality of products and services.  For the last 15 years, CSMI has been saving money and increasing the resources available to educators and their students.

  • School Safety

    School Safety

    In order to be effective, a learning environment must be safe and secure.  Protecting students in the modern world goes beyond simply locking doors.  CSMI provides comprehensive electronic surveillance of school premises, the most efficient evacuation and lockdown procedures, and fully maintained facilities that prevent accidents and injury.  CSMI has experienced security professionals constantly monitoring and working to maintain  the highest levels of school safety so that teachers can focus on teaching with full confidence that they and their students are in a safe and secure environment.