City and School Officials Break Ground on New Academic Building at Camden Community Charter School

Since Camden Community Charter School opened its doors in September 2013, it has lived up to its promise of being an agent of change for the children of Camden.

Now, with the addition of a second academic building, CCCS will continue to grow and provide transformative educational opportunities for Camden youth.

On Tuesday, April 7, city and school officials broke ground on the new academic building, which will accommodate the anticipated enrollment growth to 700 students for the 2015-2016 school year.

“We’re very excited,” CCCS Board President Ed George said. “We’d like to thank all the community and the parents and the children for their support of the school in phase one, and we’re looking forward to phase two.”

Now in its second year of operation, CCCS proudly serves approximately 400 students from kindergarten to sixth grade. The new building will accommodate approximately 300 more students, including those in seventh grade.

Camden Community Charter School is managed by CSMI Education Management. CSMI applies a business-based philosophy to education management: Remove management responsibilities—budgeting, supplies, building maintenance, meals, school safety, etc.—from the educators, and give educators the tools and support to do what they do best.

“CSMI continues its commitment and support of the Camden Community Charter School as it opens its doors to serve additional students in the city of Camden,” said Steven Lee, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer for CSMI. “We will continue to assist CCCS in its mission to empower today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders, as the school strives for academic excellence—every day and in every classroom.”

The new building, which will open in September 2015, will feature state-of-the-art technology, including SMARTboards in every classroom.

“On behalf of City Council, I want to pledge today our continued support and commitment to continue to grow the education opportunities for our children in the city of Camden so they can continue to compete in the future and be those great leaders that we need,” City Council President Francisco Moran said.

The school will provide before- and after-school programs and will also partner with many nonprofit organizations, including United Way, YMCA of Burlington and Camden Counties, and the Salvation Army.

“The power of a good education can mean the difference between dropping out of high school and going to college,” said Edward Williams, Director of the Department of Planning and Development. “The Camden Community Charter School provides transformative educational opportunities for our youth and we are here today to celebrate what these opportunities can mean for Camden and its next generation of leaders.”