Below you can read what others have to say about our services

  • "Chester Community Charter School has been wonderful to work with. We’re a proud partner in helping their students learn to choose healthy foods to promote good health. We have found the staff to be outstanding and the students well behaved and eager to learn. We look forward to continuing to build our partnership with youngsters and their families in years to come."

    - The Food Trust Organization
  • ...What you are doing here needs to be reported to all the people of Pennsylvania so that they can understand what can be accomplished if there is a vision, if there is a commitment, if there is determination...

    - Honorable Tom Corbett Governor of Pennsylvania
  • I've been an early and consistent supporter of parental choice and for charter schools, and I continue to be impressed by the positive impact that the Chester Community Charter School is having on Chester's young people and their families.

    - Honorable Anthony Hardy Williams Pennsylvania State Senator, Philadelphia
  • I was able to skip the second grade because of high testing scores, which makes me a few years younger than my fellow classmates. It is weird knowing that I am sixteen and going to college next year

    - Michael Dixon, Graduate of Chester Community Charter School, a CSMI-managed school
  • We find that the process for students [at CCCS], from the visit process to their enrollment paperwork and admissions files is extremely well organized.

    - Lynn Haggerty Wong Director of Admissions Ursuline Academy
  • I'm invited to the Student Ambassador Program. I'm invited to travel and study in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England in the summer of 2013. Please tell the 7th and 8th grade teachers and the principal because it's all because of Chester Community Charter school and my mom that this is possible and I want you all to take the credit for it. You guys changed my life for the better!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U VERY MUCH

    - Alyssa Blocker CCCS Graduate and Current Student at Milton Hershey School
  • My past teachers at Chester Community Charter school were fantastic. It was like they were more than teachers, they were my friends too. I could talk to them. They made me feel comfortable asking questions if I was unsure about a lesson. They encouraged me to take pride in my school work. My past teachers encouraged me to achieve greatness and to be the best person I can be.

    - Rashon Powell CCCS Graduate and Student at Cardinal O'Hara High School
  • You'll be happy to know that my years of honor courses at CCCS have more than sufficiently prepared me for the rigorous curriculum set before me in high school. My new teachers remind me of my old ones. They challenge me now just as they have in the past and I thoroughly enjoy the teachings. I'm proud to say that in my freshman year I obtained cum laude status both semesters, thanks in no small part to my middle school teachers. I would just like to say that every one at Chester Community Charter was a blessing of the highest order and I was so lucky to have every one there in my life.

    - Kenan Hilyard CCCS Graduate and Student at Archmere Academy